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A Responsible Safari

Environmental & Social Sustainability

Going on safari is all about spending time in natural habitats with people who understand the true value of conserving the very resources that sustain them. I've always felt quite strongly that a safari to East Africa should contribute to the conservation of the areas we visit and the cultures we interact with.

I pledge to make every effort to reduce our environmental impact by working to eliminate plastic waste, reduce our water and carbon footprint, make payments for ecosystem services, support local conservation organizations, and mentor the next generation of naturalists to develop a passion for conservation of nature.

I pledge to organize safaris to locations run by local communities and those with only the utmost respect for the local culture.

I pledge to only book lodges and camps with genuine eco-friendly, conservation practices, and to avoid "green-washed" establishments with questionable environmental, legal, and cultural reputations.

I pledge to contribute $10 per guest booked to Nature Kenya, The East African Wildlife Society, or to another conservation organization of your choice.

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