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Plan Your Safari

Africa Awaits

The greatest safaris are those designed by the client and the guide together to take advantage of the best that Africa has to offer, to suit individual interests, and take your family's needs into consideration. Off-the-shelf itineraries just can't achieve this, so I encourage you to get in touch to chat about how we can put together your next safari.

Safaris: Tour Packages
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Mobile Camping

A mobile tented camp allows us to access a greater variety of wild areas across East Africa, and a deeper connection to our surroundings, than a traditional lodge safari would. It immerses us directly into the heart of nature, our own patch of private wilderness. 
We’ll end each satisfying day on safari sitting around the campfire, listening to the iconic sounds of the bush all around us and looking up at the Milky Way.

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Safari Lodges & Camps

I utilize a number of exceptional, responsible safari camps and lodges, well-located to access the iconic wildlife or cultural experiences that make a safari so memorable. Chosen for their focus on experiences and personalised service, these small, intimate establishments contribute to the conservation of the wildlife and habitat around them and to the communities that host them.

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Mammalwatching, Birding, & Other Special Interests

Although traditionally, the big 5 have stolen the hearts of thousands of visitors to Africa, birds, frogs, and smaller mammals are some of the hidden gems that may equally capture you imagination. Whether you’re interested in seeing a Potto in a Central African Rainforest, the rare Mackinder’s Eagle-Owl on Kenya’s high central plateau, or the stunning butterflies of our coastal forests, my passion for, and knowledge of, these smaller creatures has uniquely positioned me to guide these trips.
I have an excellent knowledge of many of Africa's smaller, more obscure mammals and where to find them, and now specialise in leading mammalwatching safaris in Eastern, Central, & West Africa.



Authentic cultural experiences are subtle, engaging, and interactive. I like to incorporate genuine cultural exchanges into a safari, where we can walk with a Maasai herder as he brings his cows home in the evening, or learn ancient herbal remedies and mythology from the local “Laibon” spiritual leader. Some activities are excellent for kids, such as making bows, arrows, and jewelry, and learning to track wildlife. Feel free to chat to me about how we can work this in to your itinerary.


Walking Safaris

The deepest experience one can have with Africa's wild places is to feel, smell, and hear them on foot, unencumbered by a vehicle. Imagine being able to stealthily approach a browsing elephant or a nursing rhino, viewing them from a safe distance, and retreating without them ever having known you’re there. Guided walks also allow us to gain a unique perspective on the smaller inhabitants of the savannah like butterflies, birds, and plants. With our heightened senses we’ll decipher nature’s codes, reading the tracks in the sand and interpreting the sounds around us.
Whether you want a 3-hour bush walk before sunset or a 3-day walking safari, this is a great addition to any traditional safari.
Your safety is my priority and I take every precaution to ensure it.


Educational Safaris

With my passion for conservation, my contacts within the conservation community, and my never-ending quest for more ecological knowledge, I find myself in a unique position to facilitate hands-on educational experiences on the front lines of conservation.
I can help create behind-the-scenes conservation and educational safaris and organize time spent with researchers in the field for a wide range of natural history fields. I also run natural history courses for safari guides and nature enthusiasts looking for in-depth learning on safari


Desert Expeditions

The vast openness of Northern Kenya’s deserts have cast a spell on me, and I seem to be constantly dreaming of revisiting my favourite haunts and discovering new gems.  The simplicity of life, the ruggedness of the landscape, the proud nomadic cultures, and relief of seeing the jade green of Lake Turkana after a day in the relentless sun all keep me coming back time and again.  Join me on a journey of true discovery – discovery of the ancient, the new, and of one’s self.
We now also have the opportunity to visit the otherworldly landscapes of the Sahara, at Ennedi and Ouadi-Rime in northern Chad, in partnership with Chalo Africa

No two safaris are alike and each day is a new adventure! Interested in learning more? Get in touch today.

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