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Privately Guided Safari to Tchad, 2022

A privately guided safari for all the best that Tchad has to offer with Chalo Africa

"A trip in splendid isolation to the interiors of Chad, including the Ennedi Cultural Reserve (a UNESCO World Heritage site protected by African Parks), home to the one and only picture-book Sahara Desert & its incredible rock formations; next is Ouadi-Rimé Ouadi-Achim Game Reserve in Central Tchad---base of the Sahara Conservation Fund (SCF) for the reintroduction of some of the rarest species of desert wildlife on earth! And finally, Zakouma National Park!"

It's time to start planning for Tchad in 2022! Ancient rock art, sandstone karsts in the Sahara, critically endangered species reintroductions, and the most prolific birdlife you'll probably ever experience. Tchad's got it. Come with me. Next year.

Have a look at the PDF below for all pertinent details.

Tchad 2022
Download PDF • 2.44MB

Visit for more details and more trips.

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