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Trip Report: The ultimate mammal-watching safari - Kenya

In July of this year, my guest, Venkat Sankar, and I took a 3-week trip around Kenya to look for some specific mammal species targets. Along the way, we picked up more species than either of us had expected, and ended the trip with a tally of 126 species total! We didn't use traps or mist-nets, but through determination, and LOTS of time in the field, we were able to find a high diversity of both rodents and bats to complement all the carnivores, ungulates, hyraxes, and primates.

"Epic" is probably a little hackneyed and cliché, but it really does seem to be the most appropriate word for this trip for me. We covered over 4,500 KMs in my trusty old Land Cruiser, we both picked up a high number of "lifer" mammal species, and I even got some decent birding in.

Venkat has very kindly put in an enormous amount of work to write up a fantastic, detailed trip report, including some excellent photos from our trip. You can access the TRIP REPORT HERE

This is exactly the kind of trip I like to organize and lead: visiting lesser-know areas and viewing unusual species. If this appeals to you, let's have a chat!

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